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Indigenous love for the wild!

Since 2011, Dog Mermaid Eco Excursions has specialized in environmental indigenous education and excursions by means of kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, dog sledding, yoga, retreats, and kids camps.


Based at Poets Cove Resort & Spa on Pender Island and Mayne Island Resort on Mayne Island, we have easy access to the neighbouring islands, as well as great working relationships with surrounding businesses.

Each of our guides is experienced in all aspects of outdoor excursions. After spending the afternoon or weekend with one or a few of these great souls, you will be left laughing and reveling in the new knowledge you acquire through your adventure. Our certified, professional guides would more than love to take you into the wild!

Our Water Gurus


Boss Goddess

Kayak, Paddle Board and Hiking Guide, Paddle Board Yoga and Kids Yoga Instructor, Kids Camp Instructor, Retreat Guide, Dog Sled Guide (musher)

Kye is not only our Indigenous water and land guru, she is also the founder of the Dog Mermaid chaos.  She loves to laugh, play and find weird things in the wild.  After spending a day with her, you will be hooked on marine love, winter play, and may even find yourself surrounded by a pod of our majestic blackfish, or you will be well versed in the art, history and humane sport of dog sledding!

echo1 (1).jpg

The Merm

Kids camp director

How better to design a great day at camp than to have an avid paddler, dog sledder and goop poker design it for the kids. Echo monitors all our decisions and lets us know if we have it going on or if we simply are a bore. She also helps teach all she has mastered at such a young age. If it wasn't for her and her friends we may still be sitting on the shore scratching our heads...

dog mermaid/ noun : a diverse group of semi-aquatic marine mammals, many of which are commonly called seals

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